INSIGHT – A Law Students’ Forum and Think India invites research proposals for Young Legal Research Scholars Competition 2017

The Purpose:
The competition seeks to elicit and promote research aptitude among students in the domain of legal education. As an outcome, the competition endeavours to identify five teams of young researchers engaging with critical socio-legal issues in India. The country needs innovative and pragmatic evidence-based solutions to address issues related to social justice, secularism, globalisation and so on.

Who can apply:
All Student’s of Law stream from any college in Karnataka.
The research teams should constitute of minimum THREE and maximum FIVE members. Teams can be formed from respective colleges or from multiple colleges.

How to apply:
A brief research proposal of 1500 words (12 fonts, Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing) to be submitted to by email ( The research proposal should highlight the research problem (the issue you would like to study), research objectives (what you aim to study and why), research methodology (how do you plan to collect evidence/data to address the proposed research objectives). The proposal should outline the duration of the project minimum 01 month and maximum 02 months.A brief on these aspects will be discussed at ‘INSIGHT – A Law Students’ Forum’ on 05 March 2017.

When to apply:
In continuation to inputs on the model research proposal discussed during the ‘INSIGHT’ event, research proposals are due on 15th April 2017 (5 pm IST). Short listed proposals will be intimated to the teams by 25th April 2017.