Objectives of the forum had been spelled out in the Think India Bengaluru Declaration, Adopted on the occasion of the First Think India Convention held at Art of Living ashram, Bengaluru on the 13th day of January 2007. These are:

  1. Think, design and develop sustainable development strategies for underdeveloped and rural Bharat,
  2. Think and act to meet the environmental, cultural and security needs of Bharat and the World,
  3. Motivate and support the initiatives of the organisations and individuals to inculcate India-centric action, propagation and implementation of thought and designs,
  4. Initiate and sustain India-centric thoughts and activities in campus and among intelligentsia,
  5. Denounce, in thought and action, all forms of terrorism, illegitimate interference in religious and cultural matters and any forces and design, working against our national interest,
  6. Actively oppose any sectarian and narrow-minded activities of fissiparous tendencies and engage ourselves to promote social harmony in every possible way,
  7. Support and uphold the concept of gender justice and promote family values, the unique contribution of Bharat to the world civilization.