Think India 2010

Brief Report


Round Table Conference for All India Education Institutes

23 May 2010 | Seminar hall, Delhi University Campus, New Delhi

Students, Researchers, teachers, alumni delegates from India’s premier education institutes participated in one-day Round Table Conference at Mathematics Faculty Seminar hall, Delhi University North Campus, New Delhi; to discuss status of student activism and social concerns in India’s top notch institutes. Participants from IISc Bangalore, IIT Bombay, IIT Roorkee, MNNIT Allahabad, NIT Patna, JNU, IISER Bhopal, student coordinators of various initiatives from different states and delegates from other premier institutes had participated in the conference. Shri Sunil Ambekar and Shri K N Raghunandan jointly chaired the Round Table Conference.

In total 20 delegates from 12 National Institutes had participated in the Round Table Conference.

Session –I

First session started with introduction of the dignities on the dais, followed by participants from national and premier institutes introducing their initiatives and activities on campus. Presenting Keynote introduction to the Round Table conference, Shri Sunil Ambekar emphasized on the need to have to enhance intellectual discussions on campuses and spread ideas of social responsibility among national and premier institute community of the country. He mentioned how, IITs, IIMs and NLUs are considered ‘cream of Indian education  institutes’, so there is more need and responsibility on them to have a matured outlook about society and the nation.

Current status of such institutes and student initiatives in these premier institutes was discussed in depth. During discussions it was argued by participants, that there is an evident lack of interest in intellectual discussion on patriotic and nationalistic views.

Session- II

Shri K N Raghunandan while deliberating on status of student on campuses, aroused discussion on need of having new formats for the students of such institutes which gives them more freedom and leverage in interacting and organizing. During discussions, strict, un-democratic structure of these premier institutes drew criticism from the participants. Shri Sunil Ambekar, emphasized on having a national forum or cluster of forum aimed at reaching student community, in a larger perspective, national institute community, to persuade and support them to contribute to society and the nation.

Brief introduction on GRA was given by Dr Varadraj Bapat, IIT Bombay; Mohan Reddy former Student Council chairman, IISc gave insight on Prsthutha of IISc, Shri KN Raghunandan, elaborated on Swami Vivekananda Study Circle in IIT Madras.; detailed discussions followed on each one of GRA- Group for Rural Activity of IIT Bombay, Prasthutha of IISc, Swami Vivekananda Study Circle of IIT Madras, SFD-Student for Development and on THINK INDIA was proceeded in this session.

Suggestions came from majority of the member, to create a new forum in such premier institutes, as all other have their own specific philosophy and work domain, which may not be well suited for ideals deliberated in the discussions.


In this session, Nagaraj Reddy, convener of the 1st Think India Convention, gave insight on the aims and objects of the Think India; mentioned Think India Bengaluru Declaration adopted on 13th January 2007 at Art of Living Ashram. Delegates and member on dais also agreed on views that Think India had, in fact, generated right attitude among students through its well though off of structure. Student delegates were very candid in appreciating an attractive name and concept which ‘Think India’ had with it.

Valedictory Session

For taking the ideas forward, it was decided to have activities in association with the present groups on campus, and going to campuses with Think India name. To take this initiative forward, Convener of 1st Think India convention at Bengaluru, Shri Nagraj Reddy was declared, coordinator for this initiative, hence forth called ‘Think India’

An all India seminar/workshop was decided to be organized on suitable dated during January-February 2011 for All India Education Institutes or Premier Institutes.

Many themes were suggested like: ‘Imaging India – Past, Present & Future’, ‘Role Models for Development’, ‘Ideology and Reality’; delegates were given time to think upon the theme and mail the suggestions to the coordinator.

Giving his valedictory speech, Shri Sunil Ambekar wished all the members at the Round Table conference, a very best in the endeavour. One day conference concluded with National Song.