Think India 2011

Think India (2011) Workshop

 ‘India Today India Tomorrow’

21, 22 May 2011 | MKSSS, Pune, Maharashtra

Prof Anil D Sahasrabudhe, Director College of Engineering, Pune inaugurated and Prof Milind S Marathe, National President Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad presided over in the inaugural of the workshop, this two-day workshop had seven sessions (apart from inaugural and valedictory) covering issues from our strive to understand our identity, analysis of current situation, real life role models, and Think Today for India Tomorrow. Shri Radhakrishnan Pillai, Lt Gen D B Shekatkar, Shri Sandeep Singh, Shri Girish Prabhune, Shri Sandeep Singh, Sushree Geetatai Gunde , Prof Milind Marathe, Shri Sunil Ambekar and Shri KN Raghunandan spoke at the workshop. Student Dtudents from 20 different institutes participated in two day workshop organized by Think India.

Workshop started on 21 May 2011 at 11am to conclude with the declaration of national committee of the coordinators for All India Educational Institutes work, on 22 May 2011 at 7:00pm.

Inaugural Session

Prof Anil D Sahasrabudhe, Director COEP inaugurated and Prof Milind S Marathe presided over in the inaugural of the workshop, Rishikesh Pandey, Chairperson, Students’ Council, IISc Bangalore, convener of the Think India 2011; Dr Prashant Sathe, Ashish Chauhan, Convener, Think India.

Rishikesh Pandey, Convener of the workshop welcomed all Guest and Delegate at the workshop, Ashish Chauhan, Convener ABVP-All India Education Institutes work, gave introduction of the Think India and the workshop. With guest lighting up the lamp, workshop officially begins.

In his keynote address as the Chief-Guest and Inaugurator of the workshop, Prof Anil D Saharabudhe highlighted the Indian achievements in the field of science and technology, and for the prospects of better future, emphasized on Ten Challenges to be conquered. He named these challenges to be Governance, Education to all, and Healthcare, Food Security, Infrastructure, Water & Environment, Energy Management, Storage & Preservation, Manufacturing, Security and Employability.

Prof Milind Marathe spoke on ABVP’s ideology and fundamental beliefs of Vidyathi Parishad. Dr Prashant Sathe Presented Vote of thanks at the inaugural.

Session-1: Understanding Indian Identity

Sh Radhakrishnan Pillai, Author & Mgmt Guru ‘Corporate Chanakya’ and Sh Sunil Ambekar, National Organising Secretary ABVP spoke on the topic of Indian achievements in Astronomy, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Medicine. Contributions to Economics, Philosophy and fine arts were highlighted by both speakers. Radhakrishnan Pillai emphasized on the salience of Chanakya as leader in Indian history. Sunil ji highlighted culture, traditions and values as identity of India. Sunil Dhar was moderator of session

Vishesh Bansal of GNLU was session in-charge for the session.

Session-2: Analysis of issues of current affairs

Prof Milind Marathe and Lt Gen DB Shekathkar (FINS) were present as speakers, Lt Gen Shekatkar outlined Indian Security scenario (internal and external, Strategic perspectives), whereas Prof Milind Marathe spoke on issue of Corruption. Prof Yogesh Pai, was the moderator of the session, Lokenath Chaterjee of NUJS was In-charge of the session.

Session-3: Different dimensions of student activism

Shri Aniket Kale, Secretary WOSY spoke on activities of WOSY and Shri Ashish Bhave, Coordinator SEIL, spoke on North East and SEIL & YVK, Sh Nagaraj Reddy, In-charge,All India Educational Institute work, spoke of SFD and other initiatives active in professional education arena, he also moderated the session. Swarda Kelkar was inchage of the session.

Session-4: Presentation by Student delegates

5 Student presented paper on three themes (India: a SWOT analysis, Branding India to Indians and to the world, student activism in the campus), on which they had to submit paper 7 days prior t the event.

Prof Ram Gambhir of Pune University moderated the session & Sandeep Patil of Karnataka was In-charge of the session.

Session-5: Real life Role models

Prof Varadraj bapat as moderator, he gave impeccable introduction to Sushree Geeta Tai Gunde, who spoke about women issues and Sh Girish Prabhune, who highlighted social work activities in rural area and among banished caste in Maharashtra.

Ramesh Saran of IITD was In-charge of the session.

Session-6: Think India-Think Today for India’s Tomorrow

Sh Sandeep singh, Author-Management Guru, spoke on freedom-fighters being the Thinkers ahead of their times, and for making India a stronger, mightier and prosperous, he emphasized that we should cherish values of the martyrs. Dr Sameeron Phukan moderated the session and Titto John George of IITR was in-charge of the session.

Session-7: Campus Initiatives/Student Leaders meet

Students Leaders from IISc and IITB, presented PPT on student Initiatives in their respective campuses. Shri K N Raghunandan chaired the session on student Leaders and student initiative, and spoke on various student initiatives like Think India, Rishi Pandey concluded the presentation of the student leaders and Mohan Reddy was moderator of the session and Suraj Patel of MNNIT was In-charge of the session.

Valedictory & Declaration of the Committee

Sh Sunil Ambekar ji, accompanied by Sh Nagaraj Reddy, Sh Rishikesh Pandey and Sh Ashish Chauhan, presided over the session of Valedictory, declared 16 members team for All India Educational Institutes and gave blessings to the team.

Conference concluded with National Song.