Advocates and Firms


  • Rupinder Singh Suri, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court
  • Vikramjeet Banerjee, Advocate General Nagaland
  • Saurabh Samsheri, Addl. Advocate General, Rajasthan
  • Sridhar Potaraju, Advocate-on-Record, Supreme Court
  • Nishant Kataneshwarkar, Standing Counsel Govt. of Maharastra, Advocate On Record, Supreme Court
  • Aishwarya Bhati, Advocate-on-Record, Supreme Court
  • Jyotika Kalra, NHRC Member, Advocate-on-Record, Supreme Court
  • Monika Arora, Standing Cousel Union Of India, Advocate Supreme Court
  • Madhavi Diwan, Advocate Supreme Court
  • Hanu Bhaskar, Standing Counsel, Central Administrative Tribunal
  • Nachiketa Joshi, Advocate-On-Record, Supreme Court

Law Firms:

  • Parekh and Co.
  • Suri & Company
  • LEXport

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