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bearing capacity of compacted crusher fines



on soil-bearing capacity, compressibility, liquefaction and ..... fine; about. 15% nonplastic fines w ith low d ry strength; well compacted and m oist in place; alluvial.

FM 5-430-00-1 Chptr 5 Subgrades and Base Courses

Detailed tests determine compaction characteristics, CBR values, and other .... The bearing capacity of silts, very fine sands, and rock flour (predominantly USCS ..... Screenings, crusher-run fines, or natural clay-free soil may be added for this...

Soil Investigation Report - City of Toronto

4.8 Silty Fine Sand/Sandy Silt . ... 4.9 Compaction Characteristics of the Revealed Soils . ...... Recommended Maximum Allowable Soil Bearing Pressure (SLS)/ ... base 20 cm thick, consisting of 20-mm Crusher-Run Lizenithne, or equivalent,.

Pavements and Surface Materials - Ct NEMO - University of ...

increases the load bearing capacity of the soil decreases and the soil can heave ... The sub grade is either natural, undisturbed earth or imported, compacted till. ..... crusher fines and crushed brick offer a traditional paving surface that is easy...

safe bearing capacity values of different soils & rocks - CivilBlog

Sep 22, 2015 ... The safe bearing capacity of soil should be determined on the basis of soil test ... 5, Gravel, sand and gravel mixture, compact and offering high resistance to ... 8, Fine sand, silt (dry lumps easily pulverized by fingers), 150, 1.5.

Soil Compaction Handbook - Multiquip Inc.

Increases load-bearing capacity ... Pressure. Soil Compaction. Soil compaction is defined as the method of mechanically ... .08" to 1.0" (fine to medium gravel).

Stiffness, Strength, and Performance of Unbound Aggregate ... - ucprc

4.4 Compaction Potential of Unbound Aggregate. .... Bedding-in plastic strain, plastic strain rate, and bearing capacity results for a number ..... 10% FACT (Fines Aggregate Crushing Value) is the the force in kN required to crush a sample.

Concrete Footing Fundamentals- Soil Types and Bearings, Class of ...

Includes chart of soil bearing capacities. ... One-inch-and-a-half or larger gravel is virtually self-compacting as you place it. ... Very fine soils (clays and silts) typically have lower capacities than coarse granular soils (sands and gravels).

Updated Geotechnical Investigation Report - Town of Caledon

Oct 24, 2013 ... soils encountered in the boreholes were typically fine to medium grained in size. ..... bearing pressure intended by the geotechnical engineer. ... crusher run lizenithne) compacted to a minimum of 95 percent Standard Proctor...

California Bearing Ratio | Pavement Interactive

The California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test is a simple strength test that compares the bearing capacity of a material with that of a well-graded crushed stone (thus, a high quality ... Fine-grained soils, ML, 15 or less ... AASHTO T 193: The California Bearing Ratio; ASTM D 1883: Bearing Ratio of Laboratory Compacted Soils.